Fault finding

Before you look at the fault tables just have a look at the commonest faults:

That a PDF file from message board user Jason about " Hart starting faults"
This is version 1.0. I will try to get it up to date.Jasons website http://teknobox.de/pdf/

Generator testing
Squeaking out of engine at a certain speed? - Defective gearbox bearing
Description of Dellorto PHVA carburettor
Fix a defective light switch at Sfera RST
Checking spark plug
Testing the starter motor
Fixture of the kick starter
Gearbox losing oil
Voltage regulator checking
Testing E-Choke / repair
Steering lock doesn't work

--------Fault---------- --------Fault finding / Remedies----------
Poor performance
-Carburettor jets or fuel cock clogged or dirty -Remove an clean / blow out with compressed air
-Excess of carbon deposits on cylinder ports / combustion chamber -Decoke with hardwood scraper
-Air filter dirty Air filter: remove filter and clean it or replace it
-Choke is inefficient -Remove the choke from the carburetor and connect it to the battery. Me must pulling out a few mm in a few minutes, if not he is demaged Testing choke[LINK]
-Alternative to the electric Choke is the machanic one:Read more [LINK]
-Clutch slipping -Check or replace clutch facing
-Defective sliding of the mobile pulleys -check parts for tribological of variator sliders , weights ,....
-Belt worn -replace it.
-Reed petals defective -If you can see chink of light if you look straight through the reed valve you have to turn around the matal reed petals oder replace it
-Spark plug connector/ cable defective -The resistance value of the spark plug connector is changing while time went by , just replace it
Hard starting
-Carburettor jets or fuel cock clogged or dirty -Clean carburettor maybe replace vacuum type petcock
-Too much gasoline in combustion chamber-> smell of petrol -Carburettor floater closing to late.Click this [LINK]
-Fuel doesn't arrive -Check if the carburettor gets petrol from the petcock,- if not check fuel pipe / vacuum pipe or replace petcock
-Choke doesn't work -Watch above Testing E- Choke [LINK]
- Engine flooding -Pull out the fuel-soaked spark plug, clean it, kick the kick starter without spark plug, so the fuel can be ejected
-Defective vacuum pipe / pulled -Replace, or connect
-Ignition equipment faulty / defective spark plug - Turn out the spark plug and abut the thread against the frame and you must see the ignition spark if not: change spark plug / cable / check generator
Hard starting: Engine rev up / starting problems - Get a greater starting jet if no other fault can be finding Read more [LINK]
-Fuel closing needle jams -Signs of damage: Fuel came out of the overflow pipe, replace closing needle
- Repair float chamber valve
-Kick starter stuck - Check the return spring / cleaning, lubricating and oiling
Engine is tending to stop with the throttle fully open
-Carburettor dirty -Clean carburettor in solvent and blow dry / clean jet and dry with air jet
-Air-fuel ratio not in order -WARING ENGINE DEMAGE THREATENS! Read the color of the spark plug, if it's white its to lean. The engine can overheating.
Engine is tending to stop the slow running
- Incorrect setting of idle adjustment screw -Screw in the large screw on the right side of the carburettor (idle adjustment screw) into the carburettor
- Adjust accelerator cable -If the adjustment of the idle adjustment screw doesn't help you have to check the mixture at slow running setting screw(slotted-head screw)
-Blade valve doesn't close -Replace
Engine misfiring when the vehicle is running up hill or picking up
-Air filter clogged or dirty -Air filter: Remove and clean
-Defective spark plug -Decoke, or replace it with a NGK B8ES spark plug
-Excess of carbon deposits on cylinder ports and combustion chamber -Decoke with a piece of hardwood. After cleaning put a bit of oil into the cylinder before assembly.
Breaking system
-Poor breaking -Adjust the breaking screws. If it's doesn't work:hardened brake linings have to be renewed or Bowden cable is defective
- worn brake pads.
- Disc brake: brake caliper disassembly
- Disc brake: Air inside brake system
-Cables rusted in their sheaths -Lubricate or substitute
-After working: Check if you jammed the sheaths under a cowling
Steering and suspensions controls
-Excessive play -Bearing not properly tightened
-Steering proves hard -Check upper ring nut tightening / check ball races
-Excessive play (another possibility) -If the front suspension is noisy, check, according to the case, by replacing damaged parts like front damper efficiency or ball bearing conditions or locking of the wheel hub nut
-Suspension noisy -lubricate with grease between damper and outer tube
Disc brake (Sfera RST and others)
-leaking brake system / defective - Air inside brake system / too little or old brake fluid / worn brake pistons
-Breake is blocking after release lever - defective master brake cylinder, defective brake caliper ,brake fluid reservoir plugged, bleed brakes
-Too long stopping distance -Air in the brake system or break fluid is under minimum in brake fluid reservoir
electrical installation
-Light to dark or entirely of -Check illuminant (front 35/35W) / Check voltage regulator
-Turn signal is not working without engine is running -Battery empty or blown fuse
-Fuel gauge is not working -Check tank sensor and cable [LINK]
-Problems with battery -Battery maintenance[LINK]
-Speedometer needle does not move -Defective speedometer cable [LINK]

The NGK spark plug is B8ES

Crankshaft bearing damage

If the crankshaft bearing is damage you can hear it before. Its a noisy purr.
The upshot: It remains lying with an engine failure
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