Here you can see the tools I use for repairs and maintenances.
Basics: socket wrench set, slot ans cross slot screwdrivers in various sizes.
Most importand Piaggio used sockes are: 8, 10, 13, 15 , 17mm and for wheel nut 24mm.
Other tools like needle nose pliers, circlip plier and wire cutter,hammer, wrench set.

Homemade tools

For some engine parts you need for disassemble special tools. Here you can get manuals for it.
Clutch bell holder / clutch removal
Adapt clutch bell holder to flywheel holder
Starter gear lock tool

The circlip plier is used for changing clutch springs or changing wheel bearings:


For electrical work indispensable: Multimeter

Otherwise you need tools like the starter gear lock tool and the flywheel extractor:
starting crown locking tool
flywheel extractor

If you dont want to use such lock tools you need to buy an air compressor.
With an impact wrench you can loosen screws on the clutch bell or flywheel without locking it.
impact wrench
impact wrench

Various types of pin and center punches:
splinttreiber koerner werkzeug

The air compressor you can also use for cleaning the air filter, carburetor cleaning or respray your scooter or checking tire pressure,...
For best painting quality use HVLP gravity feed spray guns. HVLP stand for High Volume Low Pressure. eBay is about 30-40€.
The smaller spray gun made by IPO Tools you can get for about 15 bucks.
IPO Tools HVLP Lackierpistole

Thats a cheap spray gun without HVLP technology.
In the handling is not good.

Propane burner with bunsen flame

The price is about 10-15 Euro. You need it for changing
ball / needle bearings, which are crimped into engine casing.
Example of application: crankshaft bearings, bearings in gearbox.

Drill press

The drill press is the best way for making perfect boreholes aus you need for screw threads.
You also can drill out a stripped screws, without breaking drill bits.
It happens usually when you moving the hand drill. Also the drill press is better for using cutting fluid
for cooling the drill bit. It extended mechanical lifetime of the drill bit and helps to save money.


Spiral screw extractor

It is used for removing broken screws. They are left handed for extract right handed broken screws. Before using it: you have to drill a hole into the broken old screw.

Spiral screw extractor

This micro scale, can help specify the weight of variator weight weights.
micro scale

The crank bearing pulling tool is necessary for pulling the bearing out of the crankshaft cause the
bearings are crimped on the crankshaft.
Price: 20€.

Thats a tool for insert the shaft seal rings.
shaft seal ring tool

This tool is called "nut splitter". You can destroy rusted-in nuts.
nut splitter
nut splitter
nut splitter

For derust metal parts I use wire semi flat brushes / wire cup brushes for the disc grinder.
Topfbuerste fuer den Winkelschleifer
Kegelbuerste fuer den Winkelschleifer
Kegelbuerste fuer den Winkelschleifer

To fix demaged threads you can use a tap and die set.
Most used by Piaggio is M5 and M6.
With a tap wrench ,- thats the hand tool used to turn the taps, you can fix the threads.
Some parts are difficult to achieve so you need a tap extension.
tap die
tap wrench
tap extension

Thats a valve screwdriver for Schrader valves for repairing leaking valve core or fast pulling out the air.Price is about 2 Euro.
valve screwdriver for Schrader valves
valve screwdriver for Schrader valves

For (dis-)assembling split rims what are used in old Vespa scooters or Piaggio Quartz and SKR .
Implemental: mounting paste for easy mounting the tire and a tire lever.
Reifen Montagepaste Remaxx
Reifen Montagepaste Remaxx
Reifen Montiereisen Hebel

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